CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a light touch modality that can release tension deep in the body, relieving pain and dysfunction. 

CST helps to relieve:

·      Migraines and Headaches

·      Stress and Tension-Related Disorders

·      Motor-Coordination Impairments

·      Chronic Fatigue

·      Fibromyalgia

·      TMJ Syndrome

·      Scoliosis

·      Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 

·      And Many Other Conditions

What can I expect from a CranioSacral Therapy session? 

·    Your session will take place in a quiet and peaceful setting. You remain fully clothed during your session. Please wear comfortable clothing.

·    The session begins with a light touch. This allows your therapist to monitor your body rhythm, locating areas of weakened fluid flow or tissue motion. 

·    Delicate manual techniques are then used to release these areas, improving the form and function of your central nervous system

·    A single session lasts approximately one hour and can be used alone or integrated with other bodywork techniques. 

For more information on CranioSacral, please see Upledger Institute International at