Warm and cool stones may be used alone or together for various reasons during a massage. Warm stones can reduce tension, allowing your therapist to work more deeply. Used alone they can be deeply soothing and relaxing. Cool stones can decrease inflammation and reduce pain. Used alone they can help with headaches and joint pain.  Together warm and cool stones can create a session that is balanced and therapeutic.

Contrast therapy can be helpful for:

•  swollen ankles, knees, elbows, wrists

•  sprained ankles and other sprains

•  shin splints

•  carpal tunnel syndrome

 Contrast therapy is not recommended if:

•  plantar fasciitis

•  recent injuries (0-72 hours) are still painful to touch, hot, and/or swollen

•  bruises are present

•  wounds or broken skin are present

•  you have reduced sensation in the body part

•  you have a heart condition or hypertension

•  you have diabetes

•  you have deep vein thrombosis

•  you have peripheral vascular disease

•  you have rheumatoid arthritis

•  you have Raynaud's Syndrome

•  you have a cold-allergic condition

•  you are paralyzed

•  you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol

•  you have any other serious medical condition (Talk to your doctor about it first!)